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“ I have always been satisfied by their professionalism and customer service, and it doesn’t hurt that they also deliver on time and that their prices are competitive.” He said. “But I was impressed with that I heard at the seminar. I think what they are trying to do capture the market is interesting”

Wagner Said: “ I was astonished by the rate at which the Middle East- Saudi Arabia, in particular is growing” , he admitted. “And for me it is an important development for companies, like Argonaut, to focus on energy efficiency, I think the Seminar really drew attention to the issue and educated those who attended on new energy-efficient technologies”
Wagner Said about saving operational cost, “ It Is usually the case that the operational cost of the HVAC equipment is higher than its purchase price”, he said. “ often you will spend more on energy in three years than what you spend for the system”.

Efficiency, Wagner said pays off in the long run, not only for end users of energy saving solutions but also Argonaut. “by Helping their clients enjoy savings,” he pointed out, “they are earning their clients’ respect and loyalty”

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