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Rental Solutions

Argonaut, Launched the Rental Solutions Division early 2014 in UAE for rental power and cooling equipped with state of the art cooling and power equipment backed up with 10 years of accumulated experience in this intensely challenging sector.


There has been a constant expansion in the District cooling industry, as well as a major development in the infra-structure/oil and gas and commercial sectors within the GCC region and as a result the demand to climate solutions is growing every day, with limited competition and need to innovative and find out of the box engineering solutions.


Argonaut will provide this industry with the latest and highest performance equipment in the market, capitalizing on the talented human assets and strong connections with market leaders in the Cooling and climate control business, as well as the young fleet of "brand new"  Chillers/generators/pumps/AHU's and package units.


Customer first, is Argonaut's ethos, Argonaut's CRM team Works hard to improve customer contact and overall satisfaction. Our hotline technical operators handle all the customer contact touch points and are able to answer their requests and address their concerns to assure them their satisfaction.


Customer Service

We Do Care, We Always Support

We are going round the clock to cope with emergency rental services with no barriers of weekends, public holidays or out of office working hours.

UAE Toll Free Number 800- Argonaut



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