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Institutional Projects

Institutional Projects

Children’s University Hospital in Munira (Abu al-Rish Hospital), Cairo, Egypt

Abu al-Rish Children’s Hospital is the oldest children’s hospital in the Middle East, which provides special nursing and medical services for the children. It is the first school for many Egyptian and foreign doctors and scientists in this specialisation since 1928; also it is one of the sub-hospita

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Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, Tanta, Egypt

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357 (CCHF) is starting new branch in Tanta to cater to the whole of the Delta Region. Al Helal El Ahmar Hospital in Tanta was chosen to be the location for the new branch. With capacity of 50 beds, CCHF in Tanta is designed to be fully independent from Al

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Canadian International College, Cairo, Egypt

The project consists of the design and construction of the campus of the Canadian International College in Cairo.

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