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At Argonaut, we consider each and every member of our staff, to be of immense importance. We recognize every small effort made by a member of our team as it contributes to the overall quality of the product we are delivering.

Mahmoud Zaky

Sales Manager- Rental Division
Location: Dubai




Mr.Zaki joined Argonaut early 2014, in the position of Mechanical Engineer, he was graduated from the Mechanical Engineering department of Al-Azhar University with more than 11 years of total experience. He is well-exposed to a wide range of HVAC products and applied equipment, with a vast knowledge in HVAC system designs, installation, testing and commissioning. He took several courses and training in the sectors of MEP, HVAC and Centrifugal Blowers & Fans.

In 2018, Mr.Zaki was promoted to Sales Manager. He's now responsible for overseeing the dedicated sales force and also dealing directly with customers, approving deals and helping to resolve any issues that could prevent them from renting our equipment. Mr. Zaki will also track sales figures in order to make sure Argonaut meets the monthly goals on an ongoing basis.


Mr.Zaki is one of our a highly motivated, positive, punctual, cooperative and self-disciplined Employees.

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