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At Argonaut, we consider each and every member of our staff, to be of immense importance. We recognize every small effort made by a member of our team as it contributes to the overall quality of the product we are delivering.

Mai Youssef

Supply Chain Manager


Location: Egypt



Mrs.Mai has 22 years of progressive experience in the logistics field at 2 multinational freight forwarding companies prior to joining Argonaut, & which enhanced the performance of the logistics department in the company.


Mrs.Mai joined Argonaut in August 2011, in the vacancy of supply Chain Manager, and in light of her position, she manages efforts in sourcing & purchasing, negotiating contracts, monitoring suppliers performance, leading the progress of banking operations through processing with letters of credit & letters of guarantee, and also overseeing the logistics & customer service.


Mrs.Mai is a confident, active, committed, cooperative, supportive, and a motivational person with good communication and negotiation skills, her confidence and firmness were her solid ground that distinguishes her personality   


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