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Defense Projects : HVAC at Joint Aviation Facility (JAF) Kabul Airport, Afghanistan

The project consists of the Design and construction of a new helicopter maintenance facility for the U.S and Afghanistan Ministry of the Interior's use in training, maintenance and counternarcotics helicopter operations in Afghanistan. The site is located near the existing international airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. Primary facilities include two(2) helicopter maintenance hangars to accommodate a total of eight(8) MI-8 or equivalent size helicopters and one AN-12 fixed wing aircraft; apron parking to accommodate 20 helicopters; hangar maintenance shops; parts and equipment storage, concrete parking apron with tie-downs and grounding points; maintenance apron.


Kabul, Afghanistan
Prime Contract 
Client Contract
Subcontract # 188869
Contract Type
Design/Build Subcontract
Project Owner 
Prime Contractor
Shaw Environmental, Inc.
Awarded Scope

Argonaut has successfully completed the installation of the building Mechanical Systems for the Joint Aviation Facility (JAF) in Kabul- Afghanistan. The mechanical Systems being installed shall serve all buildings in the facility and will cover Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. The installations were part of an USD $ 813,050.00 contract which was accredited to Argonaut by Shaw Environmental Inc, in early 2007. Building mechanical systems include Heating, Ventilations, and Air Conditioning (HVAC).


After its completion, the facility was able to support 4 MI-8 helicopters with the possibility of housing AN-12, built on more than 30 acres with enough parking apron space for 20 MI-8 helicopters. The facility also hosts , a potable water treatment facility, an educational and training building, a power  plant, an arms and ammunition building, a wash rack, a bulk aviation fuel system, two maintenance hangars, a warehouse, ammunition loading and unloading area, a fueling and de-fueling area and a hazmat  storage area.



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