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Argonaut is a private limited liability Company established in 2004 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with regional offices in Egypt and Cyprus,

News : Argonaut Participates in Bringing The World To Dubai!

With the year 2017 declared as the year of giving, a Sikh temple in Dubai named Gurudwara, decided to give back more to the community in a big and memorable way. The temple served free continental breakfast called "Breakfast for diversity" to the maximum number of people from diverse nationalities, entering the Guinness World Record.


In major events, we have only one chance to get things right. With a team of experienced and dedicated specialists, Argonaut managed to deploy its temporary power equipment and monitor them to ensure a continuous, reliable service to one of the biggest marathon breakfast events in Dubai which attracted more than 600 visitors from 101 countries in an hour-long event.


Our team were working quietly behind the tent, making sure the lights & equipment were powered, the sound checks run smoothly and all activities were working properly to ensure the success of the event.


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